We are excited to announce that the Wharton Behavioral Lab has agreed to support the CSSLab’s research on group dynamics. They will provide generous complimentary funds to help us to run our high-throughput virtual lab experiments, which will require participation from thousands of subjects.

The CSSLab’s innovative virtual labs project aims to achieve replicable, generalizable, scalable, and ultimately useful social science by rethinking the fundamental “one at a time” paradigm of experimental social and behavioral science. In its place, it has set out to design and run high-throughput experiments that are radically different in scale and scope from the traditional model. The project will be moving forward with data collection in the coming months as Empirica, the Lab’s tool for administering high-throughput virtual experiments, is developed and refined.

About the Wharton Behavioral Lab

Officially launched in 2005, the Wharton Behavioral Laboratory (WBL) provides a variety of services that support data collection for behavioral research on business-related topics. Their primary goal is to enhance the research productivity of Wharton faculty by minimizing the operational costs, both time and money, of conducting research. WBL’s primary services provided are maintaining and updating facilities, substantial participant pools, and efficient staffing for a state-of-the-art experimental research laboratory that will be a shared asset for all faculty and students doing behavioral research.