About CSS Lab

Computational Social Science offers novel replicable insights into human behavior by applying state-of-the-art computational methods to large-scale data. Through an extensive collaborative network, we engage with colleagues from around the world to define and implement guiding principles for our emerging field.

Use-Inspired Research

We launch studies that address important social problems ranging from bolstering democracy, saving lives to improving security to enhancing economic prosperity and nurturing inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. We seek practical solutions to these problems that also make brakethroughs in social theory and behavorial sciences.

Integrative Thinking

While computer science focuses on prediction and social science focuses on explanation, CSS strives to integrate and achieve both in pursuit of innovative solutions to practical problems.

Mass Collaboration

We value and engage with large research teams who come together to test competing arguments within specific research programs. This large-scale approach allows us to develop comprehensive theories and advance the field in a coherent way at a faster rate.

Open Science

We believe in transparent research protocols, data sharing, and replication studies. Science should assess and report the limits of its predictive and explanatory powers.

Research Infrastructure

We design innovative research platforms that support mass collaboration on projects with large-scale data. In collaboration with industry partners, we develop secure data centers supplemented by an administrative  infrastructure for granting access, monitoring outputs, and enforcing privacy and ethics rules.